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Our Response to the Continuing Issue of Race…

I am caused to think about this more with the events of the last week concerning the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, a Harvard University professor. The officer, Sgt. James Crowley, has flatly denied the allegations that the arrest was race related, and the majority of evidence seems to support his position. Ultimately, we will never know what was in his heart at the time. This entire incident does serve as a reminder that race is still a very real issue in our culture, and even with a black president, is not going away.

I am concerned about the ways issues of race has affected our society. For instance, I believe that issues of race has cast an unfair, general distrust of police officers. Police officers are frequently portrayed in film and media as racists, corrupt, uneducated, mean, and bloodthirsty, most often picking on and exploiting minorities. Without question there are some officers like that out there, but they are no where near the majority. Nobody likes getting a ticket worse than me, but thank God for men and women who are willing to act justly on behalf of our communities and nation. Not every police officer is Mark Burman.

Is there any end in site to overwhelming racial tones within society. Is there any way we could just get the son of a KKK member to marry the daughter of a Black Panther? Wouldn’t that solve everything?